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Spoiler-free review of Only Lovers Left Alive.

In short, I loved it - but I don’t know how many other people will. It is a smart movie, with a lot of references to music, art, literature and science that the average movie-goer might get. Some are explained but a lot are left unmentioned, which delighted me as a decently well-read person. I think this movie is smarter than a lot of people who will go to see it just because “OMG Loki is shirtless”. And I like that. I think more movies need an intellectual bent, even if it might frustrate or alienate some audience members. I like to think that movies that challenge their audiences make those who watch it better people.

It reminds me a lot of The Hunger - in fact, I would go as far as to call it The Hunger for this generation. It plays on a lot of common vampire tropes, such as the Ennui of a long life, but it does it well. It also smacks of Sid and Nacy or another movie about junkie lovers. If you replace the blood with heroin, you would have much the same milieu.

There is no real central conflict outside of the emotion, which was another thing that I enjoyed. While there are certainly external challenges, such as what is presented by Ava, they are not nearly so grave as the listlessness that pervades the film. I called it mopey - but not as an insult. It manages to be both exhilarating without any intense action and uplifting even as it is draining. In short, it is infused with the essence of the vampires it portrays.

I can’t recommend it to all because it’s not the type of movie with a universal appeal. But if the above sounds exciting as opposed to pretentious or boring, go check it out.

And, yes, Tom Hiddleson and Tilda Swinton were as lovely as you could have ever hoped for. The movie, in general, is gorgeous. But it’s certainly more than eye candy.


still waiting for Manson,i watched Funny Games again last night,i got more exiceted 

It is my humblest of opinions that Michael Pitt is fantastically underrated.

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I’m not your daughter.

Oh, yes, you are. You’re my and Louis’ daughter now.

Daisy and Harry Earles - “Freaks” (1932)

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Many faces of Jason

Many faces of Jason

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Got to appreciate a well-done movie poster. 

Got to appreciate a well-done movie poster.